We've made nutrition really complicated....

but it doesn't need to be. Healthy eating can be simple, easy and delicious!



In this recorded mini course, you'll learn:

  • What happens to your metabolism in your 40's and beyond and the 2 most important things you can do to maintain a healthy weight (that have nothing to do with cutting carbs)
  • Why "clean eating" and cutting carbs might be making you more tired and what to include in your diet to keep you feeling full and energized
  • Why balancing blood sugar is key to alleviating cravings, boosting mood, energy and focus (& why intermittent fasting may be making things worse)
  • My Signature Add Method to creating a delicious and nutritious diet (whether you're vegan or keto and everything in between)

What's Included:

  • 3 Video Lessons with Dr. Sarah
    Lesson 1: Metabolism & Weight Management
    Lesson 2: Balancing Blood Sugar
    Lesson 3: My Signature Add Method
  • No Nonsense Nutrition Advice so you can end the confusion about what the heck to eat and gain confidence in how to nourish your body in a way that's simple, easy, affordable, family friendly & delicious!
  • Helpful Tools & Resources:
    Personalized protein calculator (so you know how much you need to reach your health goals)
    Energy Intake calculator (because 1200 calories ain't cutting it for any grown woman!)
    Protein Sources Handout (hang it on your fridge for quick reference)
    7 High Protein Breakfast Recipes for Effortless Energy.
    Veggie Tracking Template
  • Lifetime Access to the recording so you can revisit the content anytime.
  • BONUS Video: Talking everything Ozempic with Dr. Sarah & Sarah Roberts, health coach.

You'll get instant access to the all the video lessons & resources when you register.


Naturopathic Doctor & creator of Effortless Energy

Helping women with fatigue for over a decade, Dr. Sarah has realized that simplicity and consistency are what get the best results. She's excited to help you move from confused about food to confident about how to eat to reach your health goals. She's here to help you ditch diet culture so you can enjoy food again (including her two faves: coffee and chocolate!)