Ready to finally understand why you're tired?

Get the 7 Essential Lab Tests

For Health Conscious Women Frustrated by Fatigue

(& what your results actually mean!)

  • Save Time: stop spending hours on Dr. Google and learn about the 3 most common causes of fatigue among health conscious women .
  • Understand Your Results: don't settle for the "no news is good news" approach when it comes to your health. We'll help you understand what optimal results to aim for more energy.
  • Know Exactly What To Ask For: get my doctor approved lab test checklist you can print and bring to your next doctor's appointment.

This Guide Includes:

  • The 7 Essential Lab Tests You Need to help you uncover the cause of your fatigue.
  • Clear Guidance on Your Results– understand the difference between what's considered "normal" and the optimal levels needed to fix your fatigue
  • Checklist of the 7 Essential Labs – you can print or screenshot and bring to your next medical appointment so you know exactly which labs to ask for.
  • Tracking Sheet: compare your most recent lab results to the optimal levels needed to fix your fatigue so you know what areas to focus on.