Iron deficiency is the #1 nutrient deficiency worldwide

And it's making too many women exhausted, cold, depressed and
losing hair by the handful.

But don't worry, because we can FIX it...


In this online training, you'll learn:

  • Why iron deficiency often gets missed because the "normal" lab ranges are set too low to optimizing your energy and overall health
  • How to understand your lab results and what levels to aim for to help boost your energy, balance your mood and prevent hair loss.
  • The 3 key factors to fix iron deficiency: iron intake, iron absorption and iron loss.
  • How to support good digestion for better iron support
  • The top iron rich foods that I recommend to all my patients (& why spinach isn't one of them)
  • What to look for in your iron supplement and best practices for getting to most benefit from it

What's Included:

  • BONUS Lesson: Managing Heavy Periods (because they're a huge reason so many women are iron deficient and heavy periods are much more common than you think!)
  • BONUS Expert Guide: 7 Essential Lab Tests for Health Conscious Women Who Are Frustrated by Fatigue: so you know what test to ask your doctor for & what your results actually mean!)
  • Helpful Tools & Resources:
    Iron Rich Foods (so you know how much you need from diet and supplements & which foods are the best sources - spoiler alert: it's not spinach!)
    Shopping for Supplements (because the dose and type of iron make a big difference when it comes to fixing your iron deficiency )
  • Lifetime Access to the recording so you can revisit the content anytime.

"If you are a women who menstruates, you need this training!!!
Sarah delivers this information in an easy to digest way while making you realize how important it is to take your iron supplements. Don't sleep on this one!"

~Kate Stone, Non Diet Perimenopause Health + Life Coach


Naturopathic Doctor, Fatigue Fixer & creator of the Effortless Energy

Helping women with fatigue for over a decade, Dr. Sarah is on a mission to help women fix their iron deficiency so that they can have more energy to live their one precious life. After helping thousands of women fix their iron deficiency over the past decade in her private practice, Dr. Sarah is sharing her knowledge and expertise in this online course so that you can feel fully supported in fixing your iron deficiency and feeling like yourself again.