But you’re feeling stuck and wondering...

How can I afford to slow down and take care of myself when I've got work, kids and a
never ending to-do list?

  • You’ve tried asking your doctor for help only to leave feeling unheard, let down and frustrated.
  • You’ve spent hours searching the internet for answers….only to end up feeling more confused!
  • You’ve tried several diets and supplements but nothing really makes a lasting difference.
  • You want to eat well and exercise but lack the energy or motivation to do it.
  • You feel guilty every time you try to do some "self-care."

It all feels WAY too overwhelming…

TRUTH BOMB: Having more energy and less stress in your day isn't that hard. You've just been looking for it in the wrong places. Instead of looking outside of yourself for answers and doing more, you just need to do less and let your body guide you toward better health. 


  • Feeling clear & confident about how to create long lasting health habits that don't require a ton of willpower
  • The freedom of choosing to do things because they feel good rather than because you feel like you "should" do them
  • Waking up every morning knowing you’ll have energy you can count on (because you'll understand what your body needs to feel good)
  • The peace and calm you'll feel when you learn to quiet that mean and critical voice that lives in your head
  • Being able to say "no" without feeling guilty and setting boundaries like a boss

No more pushing yourself to exhaustion.

No more saying yes because you're scared to say no.

No more putting everyone's needs before your own.


for high achieving busy women with never ending to-do lists who are ready to fill their own cup to unleash more energy, calm, and confidence
(by doing less, not more!)


In this community, I will share my 14 years of clinical experience as a Naturopathic Doctor and teach you exactly how to:

  • Optimize your mind and body to better manage your energy so you're not crashing at the end of the day
  • Balance your daily cortisol curve so you can actually relax (because that's where the magic happens!)
  • Reconnect with your body so you know exactly what you need to fill your cup
  • Say goodbye to hours of googling (because the answers you seek are inside of you)
  • Feel confident using your voice to say no and set healthy boundaries 

And guess what? 

Effortless Energy won’t take over your life or require a complete lifestyle overhaul.

That's why we NEED the effort-LESS way: doing more is what got us into this mess! You're going to learn to break up with busy and do less of all the things that drain your energy.

And because you’ll feel better and have more energy, you can reclaim the time you used to spend googling "natural supplements for low energy" and use it to do things that bring you even more joy and energy!

HOW is that remotely possible?

It’s all about my signature SPEAK system.

Let me explain….


If you want Effortless Energy,
you need to listen when your body

You're going to learn about your natural energy cycles so you can have more energy naturally by working with your body instead of against it. We're diving deep on cortisol balancing and you'll learn to tap into the power of working with your daily, monthly and seasonal cycles so you can turn your hormones into your superpower!

If you want to hear your body speak, you have to learn to slow down and rest. You'll learn about 7 kinds of rest & how actually chill the eff out instead feeling guilty and having a brain that never turns off. We're going to turn sleep into your super power & so you have energy in the tank every day with a little extra for when shit hits the fan.

It's time to get radically honest about how you're spending your time and get intel into which activities & people give you energy vs leave you feeling drained. You're going to start using the most important word in the english language, NO, like a boss. Remember, we're here to do less, and have more energy.

Let's get clear on what you really want. Because life's too short to just be going through the motions of what's expected of you. By doing less stuff you hate, you'll find a whole new source of energy. Even better? You'll feel more like yourself again & stop resenting everyone around you.

By tuning into your body's signals, you'll develop habits and routines that ignite your inner spark, filling each day with excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead.

Don't believe Effortless Energy is possible?

Take it from our students...


Hi there, I'm Dr. Sarah

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor who’s on a mission to help women have more energy by reconnecting to their body, listening to their intuition and speaking their truth. It's the most powerful form of medicine I've come across in my 14 years of practice as a Naturopathic Doctor.

I can't stand that so many women feel tired, or even exhausted most days and are simply surviving each day instead of enjoying their one precious life.

I believe that your health is your greatest asset and that living more in alignment with your body is the fastest way to better health.

I dream of a day where women spend their energy worrying less what everyone else thinks of them and more about how to show up fully and authentically in their lives.

Oh, and I also believe that coffee, bread and chocolate can be part of a healthy diet. And I want you to find what health habits feel good to you and work well for your body.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I've worked with thousands of women just like you to help them awaken effortless energy.

Effortless Energy is the culmination of the past 10 years of my clinical practice. It's combines the 3 ingredients I've learned are key for creating more calm and energy in your life:

  • Understanding and decoding your body's inner language.
  • A personalized plan that feels good and is easy and enjoyable to follow.
  • Coaching & group support to help you get unstuck and step out of your comfort zone and into better health.

After 14 years of treating women with fatigue and low energy , here's what I know to be true...

Your body wants to be healthy. The reason you feel tired and overwhelmed is because your body is talking to you. It's trying to tell you that way you're doing things isn't really working. When you tune in and make small changes, your body will show it's gratitude by feeling better.

Health isn't complicated. We've made it complicated and confusing with an over-abundance of information. But when you really think about it, you already know what you need to do to be healthy. The problem lies in doing these things. That's where my coaching and guidance can really help you take your health to the next level.

You have everything you need to get started. No need for more googling or a new self-help book. You've got the answers you need inside of you. What you're probably missing is the time and space to tune in and understand your body's language. I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm here to give you the skills and mindset to start taking action and the support you need to try something different.


Effortless Energy Membership
(you can cancel anytime, I only want you to stay if you LOVE it)

Join us for $47/month
(get 2 months free if you get the annual membership)

With this membership you'll get:

  • Instant access the library of video lessons to learn my signature SPEAK system (they're short and sweet so you can watch while you walk or prep dinner)
  • Monthly LIVE Group Coaching with Dr. Sarah (recordings available)
    (these happen on the second Thursday night of the month from 7-8pm EST)
  • Monthly Q&A with Dr. Sarah about fixing your fatigue
  • Monthly "do less" challenges to help you get into the spirit of doing less (I promise it feels so good once you start!)
  • Resource guides + downloads
  • Effortless Energy AM & PM Journal 
  • Private Community of Like-Minded Women (who are here to cheer you on!)

Join the Effortless Energy community for just $47 per month

(all that for less than the cost of one 15-minute one-on-one appointment with me)

Here's what you can expect over the next few months inside of Effortless Energy:

  • April 2024: Exploring Anger & PMS
  • May 2024: Effortless Relationships
  • June 2024: Hormones & their impact on your energy and mood


That's not it....we're also throwing in these goodies to really help you unlock

Effortless Energy


Instant access to my 'Your Fatigue Fingerprint' Masterclass' replay

Discover the 5 unique types of fatigue
in healthy & ambitious women


Instant access to 'Unlock Your Body Clock

with Dr. Leigha Saunders, creator of the Better Sleep Bootcamp

Join Dr. Leigha to learn which type of body clock you have so you know when to wake up, go to sleep and how to organize your day for better energy and sound sleep.

The Coffee Cup Guarantee

I'm so convinced that you'll be blown away by Effortless Energy, that if you're not willing to pour your morning cup of coffee down the drain in exchange for the knowledge you've gained, I'll give you ALL YOUR MONEY BACK.

Ask for a refund anytime - no questions asked or hoops to jump through.

I'm ready for better energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this membership designed for?

This membership is for women who are trying to do it all but frustrated by fatigue and ready to create a new level of health for themselves by reconnecting to their body and listening to their intuition. You are committed to your health and are ready to start trusting yourself and letting your body guide you towards more energy, calm and confidence.

Who can join Effortless Energy?

This program is 100% online so you can join from anywhere. You'll get INSTANT access to the course platform and video lessons. Every month, Dr Sarah will recommend which lessons to watch to support the topics we're learning about (they are all 25 minutes or less). If you're tired of being tired and ready to really prioritize your health, then come join us! This program is educational, insightful, supportive and like our student Holly said "just the right amount of sugar and sass!"

How long do I have to stay?

We hope you'll find the content and community helpful and stick around, but you can cancel anytime you want (no questions asked)

When are the monthly LIVE coaching calls?

  • The 2nd Thursday of every month from 7-8 PM EST.

Can't make it live? No problem, you'll get access to a recording but the magic is in the conversations (Which aren't recorded)

How much time do I need to set aside for this program?

You're busy! I get it...but I also know that people who set aside time each week for their health are the ones who get the results they want. It is recommended that you expect to spend about 1 hour each week to watch the recorded lessons and put your learning into action. Taking action is what gets you results so you'll get lots of practical tips and tricks that you can fit into your busy life.

Can I get insurance coverage?

Since this is an educational program (and does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur ND), it is not eligable for insurance coverage.

Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, please see the Coffee Cup Guarantee just above. The tl;dr version is: if you're not satisfied for any reason, we'l offer you a 100% refund, no questions asked!

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information from us on how best to contact us via email for questions about the coursework, or our technical support team for any system (online access or performance) issues. You will also be able to submit and ask questions during the monthly coaching calls, and through our private What's App chat.

What if having more energy didn't have to be hard?

What if reaching your health goals didn't have to feel like a daily struggle?

What if you didn't spend your days counting down to your nightly alone time?

What if you actually had energy left at the end of the day to do something you love?

I know it can feel overwhelming trying to understand why you're so tired.

What if you could stop wasting your precious time on Dr. Google trying to figure out what to try next?

I know your time & energy are precious. 

That’s why this course is designed to teach you have to have more energy by doing less! By working with your body (instead of fighting against it!) you can reclaim the time to do what you actually love (like being a mom who yells less or actually getting out for that daily walk) .

How liberating would it feel to know that your body ISN'T broken?

I know it feels like you've tried all the things and nothing has worked for you so far... 

You are not alone.

I created the Effortless Energy after 10 years of sitting in my office as a Naturopathic Doctor and hearing the same story, day after day.

You don't need more to-do's on your list or to start waking up at 5am.

What you'll get with Effortless Energy is a direct line to the wisest healer around, your intuition. She knows exactly what you need (and don't need!) to create more joy ,energy and confidence. Better health isn't a pipe dream, it's what your your body has been trying to guide you toward all along.

The best part? We've got your back! The coaching & support you’ll get from Dr. Sarah & the other students in the group will accelerate your success and make the journey so much more enjoyable!


"Your effortless energy hacks are easy to implement and I am in LOVE with my new morning energy routine! Nothing beats a group of women who are compassionate and can relate to what you are experiencing.  I truly felt heard and appreciated in this group." ~Erica


Here’s the truth. If you want different results, you need to do something different.

Your body is trying so hard to guide you toward more energy.

All you have to do is listen when she speaks.

I'm ready to work WITH my body